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Norblom Plumbing uses “Time and Material” (T&M) pricing. We only charge for the time we are at your property. The clock starts once the plumber arrives in his truck and the clock is turned off when he gets back into his truck. T&M pricing is the most fair pricing in our industry.

There are many companies that will charge “Flat Rate” pricing. Flat Rating is a system of pricing where you will be charged a $45 – $60 trip fee just to come to your house and give you a quote. That quote will be much more expensive than T&M pricing. After receiving that quote, many customers are shocked of the price but feel compelled to agree to the price because of that up front trip fee of $45 – $60.

Give Norblom Plumbing a call and ask what is the current “Time & Material” pricing?


Call the Norblom Plumbing Remodeling Coordinator for pricing on your remodeling projects.

Web Discounts

Norblom Plumbing offers discounts to customers who have discovered us using the internet. Our discounts change on a monthly basis.

When booking a call with Norblom Plumbing, ask what is the current "Web Discount"?

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